Welcome to my New Site, BobOstrom.com

Welcome to my brand new website…. Bob Ostrom . com

My name is Bob Ostrom and I am an illustrator specializing in children’s and cartoon art. If you’ve visited my old site and are wondering what happened to the Bob Ostrom Studio site you’re not alone. A couple of days ago I received a notice from Google letting me know that they had tagged my website for Malware. Malware??? What the heck is Malware? Well it turns out Malware is one of those things that plants unwanted information on your computer without you knowing it. Apparently there is a lot of it out there and that’s not a good thing. Google does their best to try and find and warn people away from these kind of sites and for whatever reason mine appeared to be one of them. As you’ve probably imagined that’s not good for business.

Several calls to GoDaddy and talking with my more tech savvy friends told me all I needed to know. Finding and fixing something like that is costly and time consuming. I had one of two choices. Fix the site or shut it down and start over… as if running an illustration business isn’t challenging enough without something like this taking me offline for weeks at a time. Since I’m not a tech expert I decided starting over would make the most sense. I took the old site down almost immediately after receiving the notice. As busy as things have been around here I’ve manged to find a little time between project to begin work on a new site. For the next couple of weeks I will be working on this site and trying to get it updated as quickly as possible. (I’m excited to say that I’ve already got a good portion of my portfolio posted).

Building a new site is a huge task and it’s a shame that I all the time I’ve spent working on and positioning the old site is lost. As any of you who run their own website know and understand building an audience and maintaining good SEO practices doesn’t just happen overnight. So with all that said rather then spend another minute lamenting the loss of all the time and hard work spent on the old site I’m choosing to look at this as an opportunity. I’m hoping the new site will allow me the opportunity to make some long overdue improvements and grow a new audience who loves illustration and art as much as I do. Welcome to the new site and thanks for visiting.